School of Media and Communication

Phil Taylor's papers

1 Citizen Journalism by Richard Sambrooke
2 An Independent Review of (UK) Government Communications - The Phillis Report, 2003
3 Hutton & Scott: a tale of 2 enquiries by M Phythian
4 The Story Behind the Story by A Morris
5 Role Of The Free Press In UK Foreign Policy - 2002 speech by Jack Straw
6 The all-sseing eye (cameras everywhere) by M Farren
7 The role of cell phones in carrying news and information - CIMA Report
8 UNESCO Declaration on role of media in strengthening peace (1978)
9 International News and the media: the impact of 9/11 by various
10 Reporting from Iraq by J McGeary
11 Killing the Messenger by IPC
12 The Role of the Media in Conflict by Yll Bajraktari and Christina Parajon
13 Why and When to Use Media for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding by Vladimir Bratic and Lisa Schi
14 Peace Journalism. The other side of objectivity by V Bratic
15 Interview with V Bratic (video)
16 Media, Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding: Mapping the Edges - USIP briefing
17 Media effects during violent conflict: Evaluating media contributions to peace building by V Bratic
18 Foreign News Coverage: The U.S. Media's Undervalued Asset By Jill Carroll
19 "Undue Reverence" - Questioning national identity in the media coverage of the 1982 Falklands War by
20 Press Coverage in Somalia by D B Stockwell
21 Inciting Genocide, Pleading Free Speech (media in Rwanda) by Susan Benesch
22 Reporting Atrocity: War, Neutrality and the danger of taking sides by Samantha Power
23 `Reality violence' on TV news: it began with Vietnam by J Sean McCleneghan
24 The Rwanda media experience from the Genocide by IMS
25 The Media Goes to War: How TV Sold The Panama Invasion by Mark Cook and Jeff Cohen
26 Front Lines and Deadlines: 2001 special issue of the Media Studies Journal
27 The Press & War by D R van Tuyl
28 The Impact of the Media on Enemy Effectiveness by B D Lafferty et al
29 An obligation to front-line journalism from The Freedom Forum
30 Democracy and Protracted War: The Impact of TV by G S Venanzi
31 War - the Great Educator by Geoffrey Goodman
32 War reporting enters 21st Century by Nick Higham
33 The media's role in war and peacebuilding by R Howard
34 Information in Conflict by Nik Gowing
35 Media in Conflict: new reality not yet understood by Nik Gowing
36 Media Coverage: Help Or Hinderance In Conflict Prevention by Nik Gowing
37 Media in conflict: the new reality not yet understood by Nik Gowing
38 Into the Firing Line by Nik Gowing
39 Media, the Law & Peacebuilding: from Bosnia to Iraq by Nik Gowing
40 Noisy emergencies and the media by Nik Gowing
41 Global Communication & Foreign Policy by E Gilboa
42 Theorising the Influence of Media on World Politics by Piers Robinson
43 Around-the-clock news cycle a double-edged sword by M Albright
44 The Media Dimension in Foreign Interventions by M Fachot
45 War in Real Time by Ted Koppel
46 The role of the media in Foreign Policy Decision Making: a thoeretical framework by C Naveh
47 Do the media drive Foreign Policy? by P O'Herfernan & W Strobel
48 Media, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy by S N Soroka
49 TV News & Foreign Policy: constraints of real-time coverage by E Gilboa
50 CNN Effect: a direct path to the American centre of gravity by B W Kasupski
51 A re-examination of the CNN Effect by M T Harmon
52 The News Media and Interventions by P Robinson
53 The Mass Media's Impact on International Affairs from USIP (1997)
54 The CNN Effect. Brookings/Harvard Forum
55 Does the Media Drive Foreign Policy by P O'Heffernan and W Strobel
56 The CNN Effect: the search for a communications theory of international relations by E Gilboa
57 Crystallizations of media in the global revolution by Martin Shaw
58 News & Ethics in a Real-Time World by Philip Seib
59 The News Media and the 'Clash of Civilisations' by Philip Seib
60 An Alternative to the Fighting Frame in News Reporting by Trudie Richards & Brent King
61 24 hours media by Nicholas Jones
62 Guidelines for journalists reporting live from dangerous places
63 Quality sacrificed at altar of 24-hour news by J Dettmer
64 Whose media are we? by Ralph Begleiter
65 Reporting Conflict by Paul Moorcroft
66 How to succeed as a war correspondent by Jeremy Bowen
67 The challenges and rewards of a career in international journalism by M S Sinclair
68 Using Conflict Analysis in Reporting by Jake Lynch
69 The decline - but not yet fall - of foreign news in the US media by Jonathan Randal
70 Redefining Foreign Correspondence by J M Hamilton & Eric Jenner
71 Professionalism in War Reporting by Tom Gjelten
72 Journalist ethics and reporting terrorism by Jake Lynch
73 Propaganda vs. Professionalism by Harold Evans
74 Global News and the Vanishing American Foreign Correspondent by S Williston
75 Foreign News Shrinks in Era of Globalization by D Shaw
76 To Die For: Why Journalists Risk All by A Hassan
77 Not war reporting - just reporting by Tim Franks
78 The role of western correspondents & Government PR in Middle East Coverage by M el Nawawi & J D Kell
79 Amplifying Officials, Squelching Dissent by S Randall & T Broughel
80 Methods of Media Manipulation by M Parenti
81 How various forces other than government censorship restrain US media in wartime by J Wilhelm
82 From the Persian Gulf to Kosovo: war journalism and propaganda by S Nohrsted et al
83 The media of manipulation: patriotism and propaganda [news coverage of 9/11] by April Eisman
84 The Media Go To War: TV coverage of the war in Iraq from Media Monitor
85 The media handling of the Iraq War by Alan Knight
86 Spectacular Warfare by G R Mitchell
87 The logic of new media in international affairs by A R Kluver
88 Television and the Pictures In our Heads by W Schulz
89 War without Death: Responses to Distant Suffering by J Petley
90 War and the role of the mass media by J. Michael Waller
91 The role of the media in war and peace from New Routes
92 Peacekeeping & International Crisis Management
93 Television Coverage of War from Questia
94 Role of the media and public relations in contemporary diplomacy by K Plavsak
95 Diplomacy and the News Media: A Comment on the Indian Experience by Ajai K. Rai
96 The News Media and the transformation of Ethnopolitical conflicts by D Reljic
97 Is Technology Altering the Construction of News? by Steve Livingstone & W Lance Bennett
98 Politics and the Media: a crisis of trust? by James Stanyer
99 Use and Abuse of Media in Vulnerable Societies by M Frohard & J Temin
100 Towards an Ethical Framework for Reporting Conflicts from Reporting the World
101 Regional Media in Conflict from IWPR
102 Weapons of War or Purveyors of Peace? (Media in Pakistan/India)
103 The role of the media in Greek-Turkish relations by K Hadjidimus
104 Blogs in the machine by Ian Buruma
105 Patern in the American news coverage of 9/11 by M W Traugott & T Brader
106 5 ways the mainstream media supports terrorist strategy by G Gagliardi
107 September 11, the Media and War Fever by D Kellner
108 How The War on Terrorism Has Changed The News Agenda
109 The role of the press (in the GWOT). Lessons of war past. Brookings/Harvard Forum
110 Journalism and the war on Terror from IFJ
111 The relationship between the media and terrorism by Adam Lockyer
112 The Media at War since 9/11 by Susan Carruthers
113 The Media & Terrorism by Paul Wilkinson
114 Coverage of Terrorism from the Nieman Foundation
115 US Media Prepares For War by EPN
116 Interview with Kate Adie just before 2003 war
117 Clarke discusses revolution in war reporting by Dale Eisman
118 Journalists killed in Iraq 2003
119 America keeps its blinkers on by Nick Higham
120 The Press and War by Robert Zelnick
121 The Thick Fog of War on American TV by N Soloman
122 BBC Review of News Services covering 2003 Iraq war
123 Reporting from the Sandstorm: An Appraisal of Embedding by B R McLane
124 War Comes Home - new challenges for journalists by Thomas Kunkel
125 Operation Perfect Storm by Lance Bennett
126 Military Reporters cover Iraqi conflict
127 Critics Say Coverage Helped Lead to War by Jim Rutenberg and Robin Toner
128 Watching from Afar by Anthony Borden
129 Target Iraq: What the media didn't tell you by Norman Soloman
130 In The North, Fear And Hate by Borzou Daraghi
131 Media Mood Swings by Rachel Smolkin
132 Newsmen wrestle with perils of 21st century war by Martin Bell
133 The real-time war by Terence Smith
134 TV - a missed opportunity by Paul Friedman
135 The Embedded Life by Gordon Dillow
136 The high price of an unforgiving war by Michael Massing
137 PBS Assesses the Embedded System
138 Baghdad: Minding your Minder by Anthony Shadid
139 Spectacle and Media Propaganda in the War on Iraq by Douglas Kellner
140 Can we believe what we see on the screen? from ABC
141 Frontline to frontpage from ABC
142 Embedded: Weapons of Mass Distraction by D Schecter
143 Pictures Worthy of Contemplation by Walter Cronkite
144 US Media and the Justification of the Iraq War by Andrew Calabrese
145 History or bunkum? (Iraq reporting 2003) by Philip Knightley
146 Humbled by War Reporting by Walt Rogers of CNN
147 For the Unilaterals, No Neutral Ground by John Donvan
148 The Arab Media Coverage of the Iraqi War by V Cheterian
149 Tragedy in the Fog of War by Richard Sambrook
150 Hard Times for Hard News: a clinical look at US foreign coverage by J F Stacks
151 Misperceptions, the Media and the Ieaq War from PIPA
152 Playing piano in the war whorehouse from Index on Censorhip (US media in Iraqi war)
153 Online Newshour archive of material on Iraqi war coverage
154 The 2003 Iraq war in western media by K Hafez
155 Role of the Media in the 2nd Gulf War by Alistair Campbell
156 How much of the real story did journalists get? from Canadian Association of Journalists
157 The French spin a different war story by K R Timmermann
158 War Coverage Rewrites History by Danny Schechter
159 Reporting from the Sandstorm: an appraisal of embedding
160 The 'Fox News Effect' on US TV Journalism by S Purvis
161 Marketing experts say war is a tough sell by Caroline Said
162 CNN's coverage of the war in Iraq (2003)
163 TV Images Stir Anger, Shock and Warnings of Backlash by Emily Wax and Alia Ibrahim
164 Assessing Media Coverage of the war in Iraq from the Brookings Institute
165 World and America watching different wars by Danna Harman
166 Did Iconic Images from Baghdad Reveal More About the Media than Iraq? by M Gilbert and S C Ryan
167 Reporting Iraq: What went Right, What went Wrong from Reporting the World
168 A Case of Shell Shock by Howard Kurtz
169 The invasion of Iraq - and how the media war was won and lost by D Robie
170 TV Coverage of the War in Iraq (2003) from Media Monitor
171 The Iraq War and the Media by IPI (Part 1 of 3)
172 The Iraq War and the Media by IPI (Part 2)
173 The Iraq War and the Media by IPI (Part 3)
174 What happened to the war? from ABC
175 Did Our Leading Newspapers Set Too Low a Bar for a Preemptive Attack? by Chris Mooney
176 The Real War Will Never Get on TV (Iraq 2003) by Sean Aday
177 The Media and Iraq: War Coverage Analysis by M Diemand & D Thoreau
178 John Simpson defends the BBC's reporting of the Iraq war by F Kane
179 Whose agenda? The BBC Reporters' Log on the Iraq War (2003) by D Steven & M Weston
180 A View from the Embassy [war reporting in Iraq] by Robert J. Callahan
181's archive of media stories on the Iraq war of 2003
182 The New Kids on the Block
183 More New 'Kids'
184 The new amateurs by J Russell
185 The News Media & Humanitarian Action by Disaster Management Training Programme
186 Media restrictions pose a threat to democratic society (Japan) by T Hattori
187 Media knocked for Iraq war coverage by Tom Regan
188 When All-News Isn't Necessarily Good News by Tom Shales
189 Media Coverage of Weapons of Mass Destruction by Susan Moeller
190 A year later, TV's embedded reporters ponder the merits of how they covered the 'drive-by war' by V
191 The media battleground by Todd Gitlin
192 Now They Tell Us (on media negligence over Iraq) by Michael Massing
193 Patriotism and the media by Roy Greenslade
194 Different Stories: how the press in the US, Britain & S Asia covered the Iraqi War by N Ravi
195 Searing images can be signposts by Tim Rutten
196 The State of the News Media in 2004
197 The Media and Fallujah by Gary Smith
198 The Blogs of War by G H Reynolds
199 An Image Of Grief Returns by Amanda Ripley
200 Selective Imagery In Iraq by Jim Hoagland
201 Reporting, and Surviving, Iraq's Dangers by Ian Fisher
202 The Post on WMDs: An Inside Story by Howard Kurtz
203 Media war toll rises to 51 by Dominic Timms
204 Why did it take so long for the news media to break the Abu Ghraib story? by S Ricchiardi
205 Images of War by Lori Robertson
206 Will We Need a New 'All the President's Men'? by Frank Rich
207 Media: More Voices, Less Credibility: Pew Centre (2005)
208 In...Iraq, even the Arab media are being pushed off the story by M Blake
209 BBC Broadcast 'Fake' News Reports by David Miller
210 It's not just the US; British Govt. video handouts aired by BBC by A Snyder (on above)
211 Media Coverage of the War in Iraq from the American University
212 A list of news organization employees killed in Iraq since the start of war
213 The Agony of War by Bob Herbert
214 In Iraq, even Arab media are being pushed off the story by Mariah Blake
215 When Do We Publish a Secret? by D Baquet & B Keller
216 The Fog of Cable by Lawrence Pintak (Lebanon 2006)
217 For war reporters, they're the news by S Mansfield
218 Embedded Reporting Influences War Coverage, Study Shows
219 The Vanishing Foreign Correspondent by Fred Hiatt
220 Demise of the Foreign Correspondent by P Constable
221 More violence against journalists amid continuing impunity from RSF
222 Links to relevant websites
223 Reporting the World website

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