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Phil Taylor's papers

1 Tactical IO in Afghanistan by A J Knight
2 Sometimes the Dragon Wins: a Perspective on Info-Age Warfare by C J Dunlap
3 Information Warfare and Deterrence by Richard E. Hayes and Gary Wheatley
4 The Revolution in Information Affairs: Tactical & Strategic Implications of IW & IO by M W Wick
5 Space Warfare meets Information Warfare by G D Issler
6 Cyberwarfare by S A Hildreth
7 IO: Doctrine, Tactics, Techniques & Procedures by R Wright
8 IO in Effects Based Operations by L Wentz & L Wagenhals
9 Joint Information Warfare by Dan Kuehl
10 Hardwar, Softwar, Wetwar by Michael Wilson
11 Perception Warfare - a perspective for the future by H Friman
12 The Information Revolution and National Security, Edited by Thomas E Copeland
13 Defining the Information within Military IO: Utilizing a Case Study of the Jammu and Kashmir Conflic
14 What is Information Warfare? by Martin Libicki
15 Exploiting the Power of IO by LTC R A Dragon
16 IW & Cyberwar by Clay Wilson
17 Information Warfare by unknown author
18 About Information Warfare by S Ahvenhainen
19 Information Warfare Policy, Strategy & Operations by Unknown author
20 Cyber Attacks during the War on Terrorism by M A Vatis
21 Strategic Information Warfare Rising by Roger C Molander et al
22 Cornerstones of Information Warfare by US Air Force
23 Some Cautionary Thoughts on IW by R.L. DiNardo and Daniel J. Hughes
24 Information Warfare & Deterrence by Richard Harknett
25 Military Theory & IW by R. Henry C. Edward Peartree
26 Information Warfare by Randall Whitaker
27 Strategic Information Warfare: a new face of war by R Mollander et al
28 Information Warfare by George Stein
29 IW - An Old Operational Concept With New Implications by A Singer and S Rowell
30 Strategic Appraisal: The Changing Role of Information in Warfare by Zalmay Khalilzad et al
31 Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Warfare and Security 2002
32 The Internet and PSYOPS by Angela Maria Lunghu
33 Information as a Weapon by Y Whitehead
34 Deeds speak louder than words by L Andoni
35 Is the IW paradigm outdated? by Timothy Thomas
36 Information Warfare by Michael Ryan
37 Script of 'Cyberwar' with Dan Keuhl, Steve Badsey and other experts in the field
38 Information Warfare by Winn Schwartau
39 Information Warfare at the Crossroads by B E Fredericks
40 In Athena's Camp by John Arquilla & David Ronfeldt
41 US Army Strategic Command's IO Newsletters
42 An Information Operation in the Village of Mamun (video)
43 IO: Putting the 'I' back into the DIME by Robert David Steel
44 Counterinsurgency Operations (COIN) Field Manual
45 America's Information War on Terrorism by J R McLanahan
46 SC: key enabler for elements of national power by R J Josten
47 The Linkage of Joint Operational Fires, IO and the Army by C D Mills
48 IW and Deception by Bill Hutchinson
49 Talking the talk: why warfighetrs don't understand IO
50 IO in support of Special Operations by B Bloom
51 From Info Ops to Edu Ops by T Corn
52 Information operations by Paul R. Guevin
53 A New IO Strategy: Prevention and Disengagement (Iraq) by E O'Connell & C Benard
54 Chuck de Caro on Softwar - 3 minute video
55 Affecting the Strategic Battlespace with Effects-Based Public Affairs by D Faggard
56 A case study of aggressive IO by T F Metz & J E Hutton
57 Tactical IO in Kosovo by M J Romanych & K Krumm
58 Applying Strategic IO at the Tactical Level by JF Pashall
59 Information Technology and Peace Support Operations by D G Boltz
60 Shaping the Information Environment by M Emery and D J Mowles
61 US Marine Corps IO - doctrine
62 PA and IO:Integral or Incompatible? by G S Patton
63 Blogs about IO
64 US Strategic IO by A B Seward
65 Counter Terrorism IO by R Karlsson & M Hagg
66 IO: trends & controversies (2008) by M D Cavelty
67 IO in Enduring Freedom: What went wrong? by J L Cox
68 Information Operations Violates Protocol I by W Church
69 The Friction of Joint IO by C N Eassa
70 Joint IO Handbook
71 US Marine Corps Pamphlet on IO (2000)
72 Report of the Defence Science Task Force on Strategic Communication*
73 FM 106 Information Operations
74 FM-100-6 IO Field Manual (1996)
75 JWP 3-80 Information Operations
76 Information Operations - USAF Doctrine - 2.5 (1988)
77 USAF IO Doctrine (Jan 2005)
78 JP 3-13 Joint Doctrine for Information Operations (1998)
79 US Marine Corps Doctrine on IO
80 The [US] IO Roadmap (declassified Jan 06)
81 Information Warfare in Afghanistan by P W Singer
82 IW as International Coercion: Elements of a Legal Framework by C C Joyner & C Lotrionti
83 The Legal Implications of IW by Richard Aldridge
84 Information Warfare & International Law on the Use of Force by Jason Barkham
85 Information Warfare and International Law by Lawrence T. Greenberg et al
86 The Judge Advocate's Role in IO by P M Stahl and T Harryman
87 IO in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom: what went wrong by Joseph L Cox
88 Joint Doctrine for Military Deception - JP 3-58
89 The Moral Status of Military Deception by J M Mattox
90 Operational Deception in the Information Age by M N Vego
91 Information Operations in Iraq (1999) by R M Bouchard
92 A new American way of War? IO in Iraqi Freedom by John Ferris
93 Information warfare and camouflage, concealment and deception by A N Limno & M F Krysanov
94 Military Deception: Hiding the Real, Showing the Fake by M Johnson and J Meveraan
95 Information Operations in Iraq by Norman Emery
96 Underestimating the Tide of Information Operations by Carla D Bass
97 IO in support of Special Operations by Bradley Bloom
98 The Role of Public Information in the Era of Information Operations by C Nemeth
99 Is the IW paradigm outdated? by Timothy Thomas
100 IO and the conduct of Land Warfare by Robert Bunker (1998)
101 Information Operations Seeks Blend of Missives and Missiles by Alan Campen
102 IO in the 21st Century by Zachary Hubbard
103 IO Violates Protocol 1 by William Church
104 Information Operations, Deterrence, and the Use of Force by Roger W. Barnett
105 Information Operations: a new war fighting capability by W B Osborne et al
106 InfoOps: Wisdom Warfare for 2025
107 The Challenge of New & Emerging IO by James Heath
108 Information Operations - the hard realities of soft power, foreword by Dan Keuhl
109 IO as a Core Competency by Christopher Lamb
110 IO in Effects Based Operations by Larry Wentz & L W Vagenhals
111 IO: America's Plan for Strategic Failure by B F Lindner
112 Information Operations Interview with Professor Dan Kuehl
113 Killed by friendly fire in US infowar by W A Arkin*
114 How Goes the War on Terror? by John Arquilla
115 Public Diplomacy and Information Warfare - FPA interview with Barry Zorthian
116 Public Opinion, the Media, Informations, Propaganda and Media Operations by K P Stratford-Wright
117 The Emergence of Noopolitik: Towards An American Information Strategy by John Arquilla and David F.
118 Swarming & the Future of Conflict by John Arquilla & David Ronfeldt
119 Targeting in the Information Age - USAF (1998)
120 Information Campaigns for Peace Operations by K Avruch, J L Narel and P Combelles Siegel
121 Information Technology and Peace Support Operations by D G Boltz
122 Peacekeeper or Occupier? US Experience with IO in the Balkans by William Kiehl
123 Target Bosnia: Intergrating Information Activities in PSOs by P Combelle Siegal
124 The Physical Destruction Component in IO in Peace Enforcement by Maj. A N Tulak
125 Information Peacekeeping: the purest form of war by Robert D Steele
126 Opportunity Lost: PA, IO and the air war against Serbia by Gary Pounder
127 IO - a Canadian Perspective
128 The enemy is the net from ABC Radio
129 New Developments in Chinese Strategic Warfare by Timothy Thomas
130 Chinese IW: a phantom menace or emerging threat? by T Yoshihara
131 Chinese Information Warfare by Toshi Yoshihara
132 Sun Tzu and the Art of War in Information Warfare by mulitple authors
133 The Russian View of IW by Timothy L Thomas
134 Manipulating the Mass Consciousness (Chechen war) by Timothy Thomas
135 The Second Chechen War: the information component by Emil Pain
136 IO in East Timor by K Beasley
137 Pentagon debate rages over 'information operations' in Iraq from CNN
138 Help for Karen Hughes - Codename of the Week: Global Harvest by Wm Arkin
139 Pentagon's Ministry of Truth shapes war coverage by Danny Schechter
140 How Stuxnet cyber weapon targeted Iran nuclear plant by M Clayton
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