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Toussaint Nothias awarded the 2018 Stuart Hall Prize

June 25th, 2018

Two early-stage media scholars, co-authors Dr Toussaint Nothias and David Cheruiyot, have been awarded the 2018 Stuart Hall Prize at the International Association for Media and Communication Research conference in Oregon, USA.

The award was given for their joint paper, ‘A ‘Hotbed’ of Digital Empowerment? Media Criticism in Kenya: Between Playful Engagement and Co-option‘, which investigates the #SomeoneTellCNN social media campaign that challenged CNN’s representation of Kenya.

The judges commented that: “by discussing the Twitter campaign to resist various CNN news reports on Kenya, the paper maps how Nairobi-based elites—’aligned with the corporate project of nation branding’—have been the most vocal critics of Western media representations.

“The arguments in the paper are presented clearly and systematically…the outcome is a deepened understanding of new ways of resisting information hegemony and of showcasing alternative representations of Kenya and Africa more broadly.”

Toussaint Nothias was awarded a PhD by the University of Leeds in 2016 for his thesis entitled: ‘Beyond Afro-pessimism? British and French Print Media Discourse on Africa’.

He is a lecturer in the Center for African Studies at Stanford University in the USA. In September 2018, he will start a postdoctoral fellowship in the Digital Civil Society Lab to explore the impact of Facebook’s Free Basics platform across Africa.

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