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PhD student James Mason wins Best Student Paper Award at Edinburgh International Film Audience Conference

April 11th, 2017

PhD student James Mason has won the Edinburgh International Film Audience Conference (EIFAC)  Best Student Paper Award for his paper entitled: ‘The Disney genre and why it matters’.

The paper, which gives an overview of James’ PhD research, was first given at the School of Media and Communication PhD Spring Symposium, before being presented at EIFAC.

James is in the writing-up stage of his thesis so used the paper to test out some ideas, and to share the results of his research survey (having obtained over 3,500 responses).

The 6th EIFAC, held at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse in March 2017, showcased empirical research on the audiences of film and other screen media. Now under the stewardship of the Centre for Communication, Cultural and Media Studies at Queen Margaret University, the aim of EIFAC is to bring together established and developing researchers, along with voices from the media industries, in order to promote a richer understanding of how audiences engage with the media.

The conference offered 21 papers and 3 plenary sessions, as well as a very friendly and supportive atmosphere for discussing various aspects of film (and TV and video game) audiences.

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