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New book on Animated Shorts by Tracey Mollet

October 20th, 2017

Dr Tracey Mollet has published a book that analyses short subject animation released by the Walt Disney and Warner Brothers from 1932 and 1945, one of the most turbulent periods in Unites States history.

Through a combination of content analysis, historical understanding and archival research, Cartoons in Hard Times: The Animated Shorts of Disney and Warner Brothers in Depression and War 1932-1945sheds new light on a hitherto unexplored area of animation, suggesting the ways in which Disney and Warner Brothers animation engaged with historical, social, economic and political changes in this era.

The book also traces the development of animation into a medium fit for propaganda in 1941 and the changes in characters, tone, music and narrative that took place to facilitate this transition. Animation transformed in this era from a medium of entertainment, to a socio-political commentator before finally undertaking government sponsored propaganda during the Second World War.

The book is published by Bloomsbury Academic and is out now.

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