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New Article by Dr Saha examines Production of Racial Stereotypes on TV

June 22nd, 2012

Dr Anamik Saha, Lecturer in Communications Studies at ICS, has a new article published this month in Media, Culture and Society.

The article, entitled ”Beards, scarves, halal meat, terrorists, forced marriage’: Television industries and the production of ‘race”, considers the persistence of stereotypical representations of ‘race’ that appear in television in the West. According to a particular policy discourse, improving the onscreen representation of non-white groups is a matter of increasing the number of black and Asian folk working in the broadcasting industries – particularly at the senior management level. However, Dr Saha argues that the constant production of hegemonic images of ‘race’ cannot be tackled via recruitment measures alone. Central to the process are the increasingly commercialized cultures of production in television, constituted by the industry’s shift towards deregulation and neo-liberal market models. This steers the work of Asian filmmakers and executives themselves into producing problematic, reductive representations of ‘race’. Media, Culture & Society.

For the full reference to the article, visit Dr Saha’s profile page.

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