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Jason Cabañes gives keynote lecture at the 2017 New Directions in Media, Communication and Sociology conference

July 12th, 2017

Dr. Jason Vincent A. Cabañes, Lecturer in International Communication, recently gave a keynote lecture at the 2017 New Directions in Media, Communication and Sociology (NDiMS) postgraduate conference hosted by the Department of Media, Communication, and Sociology at Leicester University. The theme of this year’s event was ‘Mobilities and Solidarities in Times of Social Change’.

Cabañes’ lecture was entitled ‘Difficult Solidarities: Multicultural Mediations and the Postcolonies’. In this lecture, he talked about how the dynamics of multiculturalism have come to be mediated in the cities of both the ‘postcolonies’ and of the ‘West’. In the first half of his lecture, he provided an account of his previous work that sought to help characterise the distinct kind of mediation of multiculturalism in postcolonial cities through the prism of the Philippine capital of Manila. In the second half of his lecture, he talked about his present concern with how this mediation of multiculturalism might be transposed when migrants from postcolonial societies move to the so-called global cities of the West. He paid particular attention to how this transposition might weigh on the possibility of cross-cultural solidarities across diverse migrant groups.

Together with Leicester University’s Professor Henrietta O’Connor, Professor Thomas Tufte, and Dr Ipek Demir, Cabañes also participated in a roundtable discussion on ‘Publishing and Pursuing an Academic Career.’ The panel had a lively conversation with international postgraduates and early career conference participants.


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