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ICS PhD Student Wins World University Network Award

April 25th, 2013


ICS doctoral student Toussaint Nothias has won a World University Network (WUN) Award to undertake a 3 month academic visit to the University of Cape Town from September 2013. The competitive award is part of the Research Mobility Programme, “a funding scheme to enable staff and research postgraduates in any academic discipline to undertake a research visit to an international WUN partner university.” The visit will take place at the UCT Centre for Film and Media Studies; Toussaint will be working with Dr Martha Evans on his doctoral research project on Afro-pessimism and Western news media.

Being in South Africa for 3 months will allow Toussaint to conduct further face-to-face interviews with international journalists to reflect on the production processes of Africa’s image in Western media. As well as furthering his doctoral research, he plans to foster greater cooperation between the two universities and to continue Leeds’s tradition of conducting research related to Africa (the Leeds Africanist tradition dates back at least to 1964 and the first publication of the Leeds African Studies Bulletin).

‘I am delighted about the news and I look forward to a lively intellectual and professional experience,’ said Toussaint. ‘I am very grateful to members from the ICS department who actively supported my application, and in particular to my primary supervisor Dr Chris Paterson and the Head of Institute Professor David Hesmondhalgh.

‘As well as being an invaluable opportunity for my PhD research, the experience of being at UCT will in itself be very exciting. Research expertise within the ICS and the Centre for Film and Media Studies at Cape Town overlaps in various ways: the study of international journalism, cultural industries, political communication, media policy and regulation, digital media and film and documentary studies. These overlapping academic interests also mean that the ICS could become a place for more students from Cape Town to come and work with some of the world experts in these fields through the WUN. I am looking forward to building connections between researchers during my trip.’

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