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Giorgia Aiello invited to give talk at the University of Copenhagen

June 14th, 2017

Dr Giorgia Aiello will give a talk on ‘Symbols and Myths in European Integration’ in the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen today (14 June 2017). Her presentation is titled: ‘Cities and the European Project: A critical perspective on the European Capital of Culture’.

The study of symbols and myths in European integration is crucial to our understanding of both how the European Union (EU) becomes constituted as a political reality and how the integration process itself occurs.

The conference is part of a research project that, among other things, asks the question: what is the role of symbols, myths and ritual practices in the development of European identity promotion strategies in the context of the Eurozone crisis? The workshop brings together leading scholars in the field to share and discuss thoughts and ideas on topics like ‘everyday Europe’, ‘imagining Europe’, ‘banal Europeanism’, ‘European myths’, ‘signifying Europe’, and the ‘visual discourse’ and ‘public communication’ of Europe.

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