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Giorgia Aiello and Kate Oakley publish new book on Urban Communication

March 30th, 2017

Challenging notions of the ‘urban’ as physically, economically or technologically determined, Communicating the City: Meanings, Practices, Interactions explores key intersections of discourse, materiality, technology, mobility, identity and inequality in acts of communication across urban and urbanizing contexts.

Co-edited by Giorgia Aiello, Matteo Tarantino (University of Geneva), and Kate Oakley, the book is the latest addition to Peter Lang’s Urban Communication series.

From leisure and media consumption among Chinese migrant workers in a Guangdong village to the diverse networks and communication infrastructures of global cities like London and Los Angeles, Communicating the City combines a range of perspectives to ask fundamental questions about the significance and status of cities in times of intensified mediation and connectivity. Taken together, the book’s twelve chapters engage with the close relationship of communication and urban space and place while also providing an overview of the various questions and methodologies that are at the heart of urban communication as a field of inquiry in its own right.

Advance praise for the book suggests that Communicating the City will be essential reading for all scholars and students who desire to gain an in-depth understanding of the multiple roles that media and communication have in lived experiences of the city.

“‘We shall think of the urban in and outside of cities.’ With these words, Communicating the City takes a giant step forward in rethinking—and decentring—the relations between communicative practices and urbanity. The book’s challenge to discipline-bounded theories will be debated seriously by the next generation of scholars and students in communication, urban studies, geography, media studies, and cultural studies. It is thoughtful and inspiring, powered by acute and lively analyses.” John N. Erni, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Communicating the City uncovers a range of overlapping layers of meaning that shape the unique experiences of being in the city. This is the first collection to bring together top scholars from around the globe who analyze the city as a site of communication in a globalized, transnational context.” Daniel Makagon, DePaul University.

“With an express purpose to decentre considerations of mediation and urban space, and chapters spanning a remarkably diverse array of cities from Europe, the United States, China and beyond, Communicating the City provides a most welcome contribution to debates at the heart of ‘the city’ in media and communication studies and neighbouring disciplines.” Miyase Christensen, Stockholm University; KTH Royal Institute of Technology.





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