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Solving the problem of the film industry’s ‘gender offenders’

Clothworkers’ Building North, G.12
Free event. All welcome.

Statistics describing the inequitable conditions for women in global film industries have been gathered and circulated for more than 30 years.

These statistics have barely deviated despite the development and application of a range of equity policies.

In some instances the participation of women has become marginally worse. Furthermore, the repeated release of poor equity data has given the industry’s structural bias against women an air of inevitability.

This seminar discusses the use of new forms of data in order to develop innovative strategies for redressing the systemic and frequently personal bias against women in two “merit based” industries – the film industry and academic grants schemes.

Using data derived from the Australian, Swedish and German film industries as well as data from two different Australian research grant schemes, we propose, compare and evaluate several approaches to controlling collaborative network evolution in order to increase network openness.

Deb Verhoeven is former CEO of the Australian Film Institute and Deputy Chair, National Film and Sound Archive, and now Associate Dean of Engagement and Innovation at University of Technology Sydney.

Verhoeven is the author of more than 100 journal articles and book chapters including a book on Jane Campion.



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