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Research Seminar: Vicki Mayer – Towards a theory of small data: notes from the field

Clothworkers’ North, G.12 Lecture Theatre

Small data is a phrase that points to the existence of digital data sets that ontologically resemble all other data, but that resist the phenomenological logics of big data. This talk begins to theorize small data through alternative sets of epistemologies that engage both the producers and the users of digital data in the design of online platforms and their archives. A case study of one such process illustrates the ways small data can be theorized as having different use values, forms of organizational control, and ethics of consent from those associated with big data.

Vicki Mayer is a Professor of Communication at Tulane University who researches media production. Her talk is based on the community-based design thinking projects that led to the creation of ViaNolaVie.org from 2016-2017.

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