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Research Seminar: Dr Vincent Manzerolle – Engineering Serendipity: Innovation Policy and the ‘New Spirit of Capitalism’ in Canada’s Tech Sector


G12 Lecture Theatre, Clothworkers North, All Welcome

Synopsis: Recent public policy in Canada has focused on developing innovation strategies that depend primarily on creating spaces in which “cultures of innovation” will help cultivate a sustainable entrepreneurial spirit. These efforts rely on “public-private partnerships” that weave together private (corporate) and public (university) sector interests and are most materially expressed in the growing network of tech-centred accelerator and incubator programs linking together urban centres across Canada. This phenomenon is set against a wider post-industrial restructuring of large regional economies that once depended on manufacturing as a key jobs provider. Building on ethnographic and critical policy analysis, this research examines recent initiatives to create sustainable cultures of innovation within regional Canada’s tech start-up sector. More specifically, it will outline how a “new spirit of capitalism” (Boltanski & Chiapello, 2006) has seized the imagination of politicians, policy-makers and private sector stakeholders creating an alignment of interests and infrastructure suitable to the needs of the “entrepreneurial state” (Mazzucato, 2011).

Bio: Vincent Manzerolle is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, Media & Film at the University of Windsor, Canada. His research focuses broadly on the political economy of digital media and related industries. He has published on a range of topics

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