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Research Seminar: Daya Thussu – Reconfiguring global communication for a multi-polar world

Clothworkers’ North, G.12 Lecture Theatre

In the era of digitized and globalized 24/7 media, the one-way vertical flow of media and communication from the West to the Rest has given way to multiple and horizontal flows, in which Asian countries play an increasingly significant role. While the US domination of the global media – both in entertainment and information – remains a reality, new actors, harnessing the potential of digital globalization, have emerged in the past decade to challenge Western or, more accurately, American hegemony in this arena. This warrants a re-evaluation of how we define the global in terms of media and communication. Focusing on the growing global influence and digital presence of China and India – the world’s two most populous nations with fastest growing economies – this presentation suggests that the ascent of Asia contributes to further internationalizing of media and its study.

Daya Thussu is Professor of International Communication and Co-Director of India Media Centre and research advisor to the China Media Centre at the University of Westminster in London. He is the Founder and Managing Editor of the Sage journal Global Media and Communication and Editor-in-Chief of a new Sage journal Global Media and China. Among his main publications are: Electronic Empires (Arnold: 1998); International Communication – Continuity and Change, third edition (Bloomsbury Academic: forthcoming, 2018); Media on the Move – Global Flow and Contra-flow (Routledge: 2007); News as Entertainment: The Rise of Global Infotainment (Sage: 2007); Internationalizing Media Studies (Routledge: 2009); Media and Terrorism: Global Perspectives (Sage: 2012, co-edited with Des Freedman), Communicating India’s Soft Power: Buddha to Bollywood (Palgrave, 2013/Sage, 2016), Mapping BRICS Media (Routledge: 2015, co-edited with Kaarle Nordenstreng) and China’s Media Go Global (Routledge, 2018, co-edited with Hugo de-Burgh and Anbin Shi).

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