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In the age of #fakenews question everything

Clothworkers’ Central, Speakman Lecture Theatre 

The media landscape, whether in Britain, the EU, or the US, is dominated by big corporations controlled by folk bent on steering debates to subjective viewpoints.

Carlos Slim, Rupert Murdoch, and Jeff Bezos aren’t much different from unaccountable executives at the BBC or The Guardian.

Everyone has an agenda. No news source, and no journalist, is infallible.

It is imperative that budding journalists question sources they’ve come to rely on, with the same kind of vehement skepticism deserved to sources associated with opposing political viewpoints.

True journalism should be the closest possible approximation to fact-based reporting, and for that to occur everything must be questioned.

This #LeedsMediaFutures talk will be given by investigative journalist, Alek Boyd.

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