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How to Freelance

Clothworkers’ Building North, G.12

In this talk, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Intern, Alec Dudson presents ten pieces of anecdotal wisdom from the magazine’s young contributors. These tips, pieces of advice and insight are from creative graduates around the world who are forging freelance careers in their fields. They’re easy to apply to your own practice and will encourage you to get out there ASAP and show the world what you can do.

Alec Dudson has established Intern as the global platform for and by the creative youth, ensuring that there will always be a space for frank, balanced and relatable discussion about careers. A sociology graduate who became fascinated with independent publishing, he worked a couple of internships in 2012 and was struck by the lack of dialogue surrounding the role. His career is built around the belief that young people are the future and his mission is to empower the next generation to change the world. That journey has seen him talk, run workshops and stage events all around the world.



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