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General Election 2017: What’s the Future of Democratic Politics?

Carriageworks Theatre, Room 1

Speakers: Tessa Mayes, Stephen Coleman, Michael Meadowcroft

Many expect the forthcoming General Election to be a foregone conclusion for the Conservatives. Without doubt the number one issue of the election is Brexit. And having voted to leave the EU many – even in traditional Labour heartlands – view the Tories as the only party likely to fulfill the Referendum result.

However, the key issue many voted on in the Referendum – taking back democratic control – has so far been largely absent from the discussion. Instead, the focus has been on the Brexit negotiations between the UK government and EU bureaucrats behind closed doors: far away from the British public.

It has long been argued that there is a ‘democratic deficit’, for which the EU is often given the blame. But in reality, as recent elections have shown, the problems of representative democracy run much deeper within Western societies.

So would leaving the EU really be enough to restore democracy to the UK? What do people mean by ‘taking back control’? And what do we want the future of democratic politics to look like?

Tickets: £5 waged/£4 unwaged to pay on the door (cash only). RSVP: contact@leedssalon.org.uk

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