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Digital Humanity in Health #03 CITIZENS

Co>Space North, FutureLabs, Second Floor, 1 Eastgate, Leeds, LS2 7LY

Thinking about citizens, rather than patients, radically re-conceives how we might understand health services as something that could depart from a service delivery model into something else. If we were to build around the concept of the citizen, instead of the patient – what would we build and prioritise? Is the citizen and the patient the same thing within a digital system that understands choice and agency in very particular ways? What questions would we need to ask and why? Are there good examples or complete failures we could look to here? Asking these questions makes us realise the extent to which patients and citizens are currently able to influence and shape health and social care services. What would this do to the notion of digital humanity?


Sue Sibbald – Sue Sibbald is a Peer Specialist working at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust (SHSCFT) running groups for people their families and friends who have Borderline Personality Disorder or identify with that diagnosis. She also trains staff at the Trust. Sue has spoken at several conferences including NHS Confed17 on the topic of should there be a revolution in Mental Health? She also speaks on topics such as digital peer support and patients as partners. @BPDFFS

Olivia Butterworth – Head of Public Participation NHS England @LiviBF

Dr Christopher Birchall – Lecturer in Digital Media / Programme Leader BA Digital Media, University of Leeds @birchallchris

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The Digital Humanity in Health and Care seminar series is brought to you by mHabitat in partnership with the School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds. Curated by Dr Victoria Betton and Dr Helen Thornham, the three seminars bring people accessing health and care services, practitioners, policy makers and academics together to consider contemporary dilemmas around ethics, morals and humanity which may not always get the attention they deserve in the rush to adopt digitally enabled health and social care. Our seminar series is driven by three overarching questions:

  1. What does digital humanity look like? And what does it look like in relation to health and care and in relation to the axes below of policy, leadership and citizenship?
  2. Where is digital humanity in health and care? Is it, and could it be in systems? If it is in the human, then is this enough in a changing landscape?
  3. How can we be digitally humane? What everyday, digital, connective or community actions or reflections can we make or do?

Each seminar will begin with a provocation co-presented by a practitioner and an academic expert in the field. We will then use a case study to apply these insights into an everyday scenario. Each seminar will produce a summary paper which will be published on the mHabitat website.

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