Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

School of Media and Communication


Audiovisual Heritage and Academic Research at the University of Leeds

Sheppard Room, Brotherton Library, Parkinson Building

This half-day networking event aims to foster links between scholars at the University of Leeds working on/with heritage and audiovisual media (film, audio recording and broadcasting).

Scholars at the University of Leeds have been actively engaged with media heritage, demonstrating the ability to attract funding and to liaise with non-academic organisations in order to deliver impact. The goal of the event is to connect research experiences from the three institutions and build on such successes. This might mean developing more cross-departmental research on the topic, developing modules able to deliver excellent teaching and training, as well as creating schemes with external organisations to enhance student employability. The event is not exclusive to staff and students of the University of Leeds, and it is also of interest to scholars, professionals, and students from other institutions who may be interested in either simply joining the conversation or in developing potential collaborations with University of Leeds researchers.


13.00- 14.00 / Lunch (tea and coffee will be served in the breaks)

14.00 – 15.15 / Media, Museums and Heritage Policy (Chair: Prof. Graeme Gooday, UoL)

‘Creating good soil for growing research collaborations’
Dr Tim Boon (Head of Research & Public History, Science Museum and Visiting Cheney Fellow, UoL)

‘Working Translocally: National Science and Media Museum in Bradford’
Dr Helen Graham (Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage, UoL) and Michael Terwey (Head of Collections and Exhibitions, National Science and Media Museum)

15.30 – 16.45 / Film Archives and Historical Research (Chair: Dr Angelos Koutsourakis, UoL)

‘New Approaches to Old Problems: Tracing Women’s Media Production Work in ‘the Archive’
Dr Melanie Bell (School of Media and Communication, UoL)

‘Canon/Archive/Playlist: Finding New Ways to Study Film and History’
Prof Alan O’Leary (Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures, UoL)

‘Exploring New Lines of Enquiry: Questions of Colour, Restoration and the Scientific Expedition Film in Public Exhibition’
Dr Liz Watkins (School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, UoL)

17.00 – 18.00 / Audiovisual Collections at UoL (Chair: Simon Popple, UoL)

‘Introducing the South Bank Show Archive’
Bo Middleton, (Head of Research Support and Digital Infrastructure, Leeds University Library)

‘The M&S Company Archive: Untapped Potential’
Katherine Chorley (Archivist, M&S Company Archive)

18.00 (onwards) / We will carry on the conversation in a PUB!

Tickets are free but please book your place.

This event is part of the Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures (CWCDC) Sadler Seminar Series ‘Cinema’s Past, Present and Future: A Changing Medium in an Uncertain Global Landscape’ and is supported by the Leeds Humanities Research Institute

The meeting has been organised by Luca Antoniazzi (LHRI, UoL) with Alan O’Leary (CWCDC, UoL). The Sadler Seminar series is convened by Paul Cooke (CWCDC, UoL) and Angelos Koutsourakis (CWCDC, UoL).

For more information, please contact Dr Luca Antoniazzi: csal@leeds.ac.uk

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