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Advancing Media Production Research: A one day post-ICA / pre-IAMCR conference

Thank you to all participants – The book resulting from the conference is under development with the IAMCR and Palgrave Press in anticipation of 2015 publication.

International Communication Association (ICA) Post-conference, International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Pre-conference

Initiated and Co-sponsored by the IAMCR Media Production Analysis Working Group with ICA Co-sponsor: Journalism Studies Section and ECREA Co-sponsor: Media Industries and Cultural Production Working Group and hosted by the Cultural Production and Media Policy Research Group & Journalism Studies Research Group, University of Leeds.

The provisional conference programme and abstracts can be downloaded here.

Speakers and participants include:

  • Georgina Born (Uncertain Vision: Birt, Dyke and the Reinvention of the BBC; etc.)
  • David Ryfe (Can Journalism Survive? An inside look at American Newsrooms)
  • Philip Schlesinger (Putting ‘Reality’ Together; etc.)
  • Tim Havens (Understanding Media Industries; Black Television Travels – Media Globalization and Contemporary Racial Discourse)
  • David Hesmondhalgh (The Cultural Industries; etc.)
  • Chris Paterson (Making Online News; International Television News Agencies)
  • Chris Anderson (Networking the News: The Struggle to Rebuild Metropolitan Journalism, 1997-2011)A public lecture by ICA past president Barbie Zelizer follows the event

As the internal workings of media institutions change beyond the recognition of early researchers, and as the challenges to understand those internal functions become ever greater, there is a need to review what new knowledge is emerging from production research, what gaps remain, what challenges to production research persist, and discuss how those might be overcome.  Researchers in the UK might question if, in the post-Levenson Report age, media institutions will become more transparent and open to scrutiny, or less?

This conference is intended to address the issues raised in the process of researching within media, journalistic, and cultural organisations, primarily from the anthropological and sociological traditions of long-term exposure to production cultures through ethnographic observation or participant observation.  Scholars like Tuchman and Born have provided insights into production cultures which have shaped contemporary understandings, but can such research keep pace with the rate of change in media production environments?  And is the classic research setting of the newsroom or studio now too limiting; should our focus shift, for news, at least, to the journalistic “ecosystem,” as Anderson has argued?

In addition to panel sessions, the conference will feature discussions with prominent researchers of media production addressing:

  • how theories of journalism and cultural production have been advanced and challenged by recent media production ethnography
  • the ongoing challenge of access to media and cultural institutions for in-depth, critical research
  • pressing questions for production research in the coming decade

The conference will also feature presentation of new production research in concurrent panels.

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