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Research Seminar: Myria Georgiou - Is London open? Mediating and ordering cosmopolitanism in crisis

17th May 2017, 4.15pm5.30pm

This presentation focuses on the mediation of the #LondonIsOpen campaign, which followed the Brexit vote.

Research Group: Justin O’Connor on Postcapitalism and the Cultural Economy

16th May 2017, 4.15pm5.30pm

The Professor of Cultural Economy at Monash University (Melbourne) will be giving a seminar on Postcapitalism and the Cultural Economy.

Public Lecture: Gunther Kress and Theo van Leeuwen - Modes, meaning and boundaries: questions and namings

15th May 2017, 4.15pm5.45pm

Co-founders and pioneers of multimodality and social semiotics, Professor Gunther Kress and Professor Theo van Leeuwen, host a public lecture on “Modes, meaning and boundaries: questions and namings”.

Research Seminar: Professor Karen Sanders - Populism and exclusionary narratives: the ‘other’ in Podemos’ 2014 EU election campaign

10th May 2017, 4.15pm5.30pm

In addition to claiming to be identified with the people, many populist political parties are characterised by exclusionary narratives which centre on groups such as immigrants and religious minorities, a feature considered by analysts as specific to right-wing populism.

Statistics, the media and public engagement

10th May 2017, 1.30pm4.30pm

Dr Jairo Lugo-Ocando will give a talk at a Royal Statistical Society event entitled: 'Poor numbers, poor news: the ideology of poverty statistics in the news media'.

Research Seminar: Roberta Sassatelli - All that is Fit Melts into Consumer Capitalism. The Embodied Consumer Facing Commercialism

3rd May 2017, 4.15pm5.30pm

Roberta Sassatelli reflects on her research on commercial fitness activities, considering how they are both illuminated by, and illuminate, relevant aspects of contemporary commercialism in the Global West.

Are you interested in studying abroad?

2nd May 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Find out more about doing a Year Abroad in 2018/19.

Research Seminar: Dr Vincent Manzerolle - Engineering Serendipity: Innovation Policy and the ‘New Spirit of Capitalism’ in Canada’s Tech Sector

26th April 2017, 4.15pm5.30pm

Vincent Manzerolle's research focuses on the political economy of digital media and related industries.

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