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Algorave Assembly

27th April 2018, 1.00pm11.00pm


Solving the problem of the film industry’s 'gender offenders'

25th April 2018, 4.15pm5.30pm

This seminar discusses the use of new forms of data in order to develop innovative strategies for redressing the systemic and frequently personal bias against women in two “merit based” industries – the film industry and academic grants schemes.

Module options fair

25th April 2018, 2.30pm4.30pm

Do you need a hand choosing your modules for 2018/19?

Working in journalism at the BBC

24th April 2018, 4.00pm5.00pm

Are you interested in a career in journalism at the BBC? Then come along to this talk to find out about entry level route schemes and what’s it’s really like in a newsroom.

How to turn your photography into a career

19th April 2018, 2.00pm3.00pm

Professional photographer Karl Blackwell discusses how to make the step from being a creative taker of photos to launching a successful career.

The low-down on how to survive in the TV industry

17th April 2018, 1.00pm2.00pm

Dan Isaacs and Diederick Santer will share their stories about TV drama and give tips on how to break into the industry.

Research Seminar: Vicki Mayer - Towards a theory of small data: notes from the field

11th April 2018, 4.15pm5.30pm

This talk theorizes small data through alternative sets of epistemologies that engage both the producers and the users of digital data in the design of online platforms and their archives.

Research Seminar: Daya Thussu - Reconfiguring global communication for a multi-polar world

21st March 2018, 4.15pm5.30pm

Focusing on the growing global influence and digital presence of China and India, this presentation suggests that the ascent of Asia contributes to further internationalizing of media and its study.

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