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The Acting Class Screening

6th December 2017, 4.30pm6.30pm

The Acting Class is a documentary feature film by Mike Wayne and Deirdre O’Neill that explores the causes and consequences of class stratification in the acting profession. 

Working with and within the Frame

5th December 2017, 4.00pm6.00pm

Pieter van der Houwen will discuss his profession as documentary filmmaker and photographer after a screening of his film Thru Dutch Eyes.

A REAL round table discussion of FAKE news

4th December 2017, 4.00pm5.30pm

An event about the rise of “Fake News“: Global Trends in Digital Disinformation.

What’s it really like to work in PR / Media and Communications

28th November 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Ask our panel of PR and media professionals any questions that you may have regarding a career in this field.

Audiovisual Heritage and Academic Research at the University of Leeds

28th November 2017, 1.00pm6.00pm

This half-day networking event aims to foster links between scholars at the University of Leeds working on/with heritage and audiovisual media (film, audio recording and broadcasting).

Using social media and the internet to archive marginalised voices

22nd November 2017, 2.00pm4.00pm

How have marginalised groups used social media and the internet (website, twitter feeds and storifies, Youtube channels) to present their own versions of their community’s history?

Zen and the Art of Television Production

21st November 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Diane Myers is a Producer with over 25 years’ experience. She’ll give you an insider’s insight into the skills you need to make television programmes, which might also help you land your dream job in the industry.

Research Seminar: Peter Van Aelst - How do politicians use the media?

15th November 2017, 4.15pm5.30pm

How do individual politicians use the news media to reach their political goals?

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