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Square Eyes: How I turned an addiction TV into a career

3rd October 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Lisa Holdsworth has been a TV writer for over 15 years, working on some of the UK’s top TV shows. In this talk, she discusses how she got her break into TV and what being a TV writer really involves.

September 2017


Have you got the X Factor?

26th September 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

How can you best promote yourself to get a job in Television? Elaine Bedell, Chief Executive of Southbank Centre, discusses the opportunities provided by the new media players.

Research Seminar: Matthew David - Sharing: Crime Against Capitalism

27th September 2017, 4.15pm5.30pm

Today’s economic system, premised on the sale of physical goods, does not fit the information age we live in.

Study Abroad Information Talk

3rd October 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Are you interested in Studying Abroad? Then come along to this information session to find out more!

Research Seminar: Susan Luckman - Popping Up Everywhere: Urban creative economies, social media and accelerated cultures of urban experiential consumption

4th October 2017, 4.15pm5.30pm

Susan Luckman will talk about creativity-led urban regeneration strategies which have become established mainstays of governmental policy.

Undergraduate open days 2017

7th October 2017 (all day)

Find out more about life at Leeds.

Life on the road as a foreign reporter

10th October 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Nicola Kelly from BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4 will shed light on broadcasting opportunities, industry pitfalls and what you can expect from a life on the road.

The Jay Blumler Lecture 2017: 'From the Ministry of Truth to post-truth politics: Populism and the new crisis of public communication', Professor Silvio Waisbord

11th October 2017, 5.00pm6.30pm

The 2017 Jay Blumler Lecture will be given by Professor Silvio Waisbord from George Washington University, USA.

Problems and challenges in making Docudramas and Bio pics

16th October 2017, 9.00am11.00am

If you want your film to be popular base it on reality.