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Making hits from misses: how making mistakes and moving forward helps you succeed in the TV business

23rd January 2018, 4.00pm5.00pm

Find out why media consultant, Alex Gardiner, thinks his misses over 25 years in TV are as important as the hits.

January 2018


Research Seminar: Noortje Marres - From the lab to the street? Mapping the issues of driverless cars with digital methods

24th January 2018, 4.15pm5.30pm

This seminar will consider the use of digital methods of issue mapping to elucidate a substantive question: how have driverless cars been received 'in society'?

Tales from the TV trenches

30th January 2018, 4.00pm5.00pm

How do you pursue a career in TV in 2018? In a world where everyone is a content creator, how do you stand out to employers?

Opening Doors

6th February 2018, 4.00pm5.00pm

Come and find out more about the RTS and about working in the television industry in Yorkshire.

The Jay Blumler Lecture: 'From the Ministry of Truth to post-truth politics: Populism and the new crisis of public communication', Professor Silvio Waisbord

7th February 2018, 5.00pm6.30pm

The Jay Blumler Lecture will be given by Professor Silvio Waisbord from George Washington University, USA.

Research Seminar: Graeme Turner - The media and democracy in the digital era – is this what we had in mind?

12th February 2018, 4.15pm5.30pm

In this talk Graeme Turner will discuss some aspects of what we have got from the digital era so far, with a particular focus on the changing relationship between the media and democracy – and within that, the role of news, information and the practice of journalism.

How to be a sports journalist

13th February 2018, 4.00pm5.00pm

Leeds-based Daily Express journalist Ross Heppenstall outlines the workings of a modern-day sports reporter.

Research Seminar: Jason Vincent Cabañes

14th February 2018, 4.15pm5.30pm