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Square Eyes: How I turned an addiction TV into a career

3rd October 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Lisa Holdsworth has been a TV writer for over 15 years, working on some of the UK’s top TV shows. In this talk, she discusses how she got her break into TV and what being a TV writer really involves.

August 2017


Digital Humanity in Health #03 CITIZENS

19th September 2017, 1.00pm4.00pm

If we were to build around the concept of the citizen, instead of the patient – what would we build and prioritise?

Life on the road as a foreign reporter

10th October 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Nicola Kelly from BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4 will shed light on broadcasting opportunities, industry pitfalls and what you can expect from a life on the road.

The Jay Blumler Lecture 2017: 'From the Ministry of Truth to post-truth politics: Populism and the new crisis of public communication', Professor Silvio Waisbord

11th October 2017, 5.00pm6.30pm

The 2017 Jay Blumler Lecture will be given by Professor Silvio Waisbord from George Washington University, USA.

To Cut A Long Story Short: A Guide To Film Trailer Making

24th October 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Movie studios spend eight billion dollars a year producing films in the U.S. For every two dollars spent making a film, studios spend another dollar on marketing. How do you boil two hours into a two minute trailer?

How to Freelance

25th October 2017, 1.00pm2.00pm

Founder and Editor-in-chief of Intern, Alec Dudson presents ten pieces of anecdotal wisdom from the magazine’s young contributors.

Making An Impact: Confidence and Credibility

31st October 2017, 4.00pm5.30pm

Be more in charge of the image you project personally and professionally and the “messages” you give out, in order to increase your impact and be taken more seriously.

Career Mentoring Launch

15th November 2017, 1.00pm5.00pm

What’s it really like to work in PR / Media and Communications

28th November 2017, 4.00pm5.00pm

Ask our panel of PR and media professionals any questions that you may have regarding a career in this field.